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Calypso Kings are back??

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Cricket
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The fact that the West Indies won the ICC World Twenty20 is great for the game. The West Indian team of the 80s through to the mid-90s was a powerful force and dominated world cricket through a blend of hostile pace bowling and aggressive batting.

During that period, the West Indies produced high-quality individual players. It was an exciting era and Caribbean players made lots of fans around the world.

No team can be the best all the time. Cricket in the West Indies faced numerous problems over the last decade and the on-field performances of the team suffered accordingly. The magnitude of the West Indies’ demise was both surprising and unexpected. World cricket was poorer due to this unfortunate situation.

Is this victory will help the west indies to regain the past glory? I am afraid this is unlikely. We will see an improvement at all levels, but it will be difficult for the current West Indian combination to dominate in the longer versions of the game.

This group of players is well suited to the T20 format. They have power hitters, good spinners and reasonable quick bowlers. Coach Ottis Gibson is an experienced campaigner. He realized that his squad had the potential to do very well at this tournament. He created a powerful team combination through good discipline, and was backed up by the West Indies Board in this respect.

Gibson stuck to his guns in order to create this scenario in the face of adversity. Key players like Chris Gayle were left out of the team until they bought into the ethos that Gibson wanted. With the backing of the Board he was able to mould the squad at his disposal into a hard-working and harmonious unit.

Tactically the West Indies got it right as well. Gibson used his impact players to good effect. He had them in positions where they had the best chance of winning matches for the team.

During the tournament the West Indies had their fair share of setbacks. Even in the final they looked down and out. Their resolve and belief in each other was what got them through.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of a good period for the West Indies. They don’t have the abundant wealth of talent that they had in their dominant era, but they have come a long way and the confidence that winning this title will create for them will stand them in good stead.

Asim Gul Bhootani