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Gog = ancient Semitic word for King or Mountain of Darkness.  As a king, he is clearly identified as the Prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, in the land of Magog.  [See Ezekiel, Chap 38: 1-4 & 39: 1-2].

It is also significant that the prophetic literature identifies a ‘Prince’ not necessarily as human but rather as a Spirit or guiding Folk Soul [Zeitgeist] of a nation.  This same claim is made in the Book of Daniel.

Tubal (the name of a son of Cain) and Meshech (Moskva or Moscow) are two rivers north of the Caucasus Mountains.  Hence, Rosh is readily identified as part of Russia.

Magog = highest point known to ancient Semites.  The word derives from Maghoph, meaning the Land of the Moon and Tree Worshipers; tribes who placed totems (Asherah) in the Caucasus Mountains.  These peoples inhabited regions north and east of Syria, extending into Scythia and Russia.[i]Map of khazaria

A Time-line derives from recent Scientific Surveys [ii]

  • 5,500 BC –  Black Sea drops 500 ft below the Bosporus Strait causing collapse and cataclysmic floods extending to Mesopotamia.  Salt water destroys fresh water fish and causes massive toxicity.  The Black Sea becomes known as the ‘Sea of Death’ as noted in the Acadian/Sumerian tale of Gilgamesh.  This is most likely Noah’s Flood.
  • 5,000 BC Land Bridge between England & France sinks beneath the waves — Yangshoo Culture in China is well established and signs of civilization in Nubia are found. 
  • 5,200 BC – Forests emerge on western shores of the Black Sea, extending into Europe.  This period also marks the initial diversification of proto-Indo-European language accompanied by mass migrations to the Levant, China, India, Russia & Europe.  Current consensus is that the primal language and cultural center was Armenia at Ararat, the site of Noah’s landing after flood.

This region (Anatolia, Syria, Lebanon, Khazaria etc.) is a major focus of Monotheism’s eschatology and deviancy as it holds ancient houses of satanic cults that are directly related to the present globalist menace.  It appears that Gog & Magog refer to the peoples descended from Tubal-Cain and Noah’s errant stock that became Slavonic and Teutonic Caucasian Races respectively and then trod in all directions during the course of two dispersions, reaching Egypt, Persia, Pakistan and beyond.

Their occult fellowships certainly have ascended the mountain of darkness in consult with reprobate jinn and now send their princes to all nations.  Nimrud, we must remember, married into Cain’s family (his wife, Queen Semiramis was Cain’s great grand-daughter) and this religion has been adopted to limited degrees by both the Roman Church (via Pergamum), and the descendents of Khazarian Jews (Eastern European Jews or Ashke-Nazis) who adopted the Babylonian Talmud and Cabala.

There is a Satanic Brotherhood that stands above both that incorporates the highest orders of Iblis and Magick, and these Dragon Cults have mixed with Merovingians (descended from Danites) and other possessed bloodlines. (See: Sion, Zion and Jerusalem: Truth, Lies and Historicity

This thesis is reinforced by Al’Qur’an’s reference to Dhu al-Qarnayn (Perhaps Darius the First?) and his confrontation with tribes called Yajuj and Majuj (Gog & Magog).  He may have built what is mistakenly called ‘Alexander’s Wall’ to contain their incursions.[iii]  An eighty km remnant of its 145 km total remains standing south of the Caucasus with the River of Cyrus to the north of the Zagros Mountains that border Iraq & Iran.  Somewhere here may be the mountain pass spoken of in Sura Al’Kahf.  These races are identified with al’Dajjal’s Aryans as opposed to the Semites who gave us Isa and Mohammad; not that this excludes the latter tribes from the dishonor of reprobation as we shall amply demonstrate.GOG WALL

The region is also homeground to the Yezidi cultus of jinn (angel/snake) worshipers whom Gurdjieff (Count Stefan Colonna Walewski) and other Hermeticists admired, emulated and whose disciples were Occidentally institutionalized a century ago.  A demonized Yezid temple is pictured below and the tension between Kurdish Yezids (there are others) and their Sunni neighbors makes frequent headlines.


These are societies whom politically correct scholars ignore and/or dismiss as superfluous, a symptom of the trenchant denial cum avoidance devices that Jesuit Academics elaborate and Muslim academics emulate with a remarkable re-feudalization of White Tower success.  These latter tyrannical and supposedly “objective” methodologists avoid passion at all costs and divert relational truths to realms of extraneous intangibles.

Since Islam is absolutely relational I hope you understand the point of this satanic ploy.  This useless and vain philosophy of learning is exported, imported and integrated with targeted co-operatives in order to avoid the scent of collusion while obstructing righteous temerity.Yezid Temple

There is indeed a Unitarian evolution and devolution of Iblitic traditions and institutions from the post-diluvial dispersions cited above.  Cain’s Creed exposes their professional dissimulation, ancient cum modern blood rites, human sacrifice and the sexual perversity of execrable rites that have long been utilized under facades of Christianity, Judaism, Patrician Republicanism, and even Islam to hide coteries of perdition.

The greatest of these Cults happens to the Cult of Rome’s Stygian aristocrats who conduct global perplexity, general mayhem and legalized wealth confiscation that maintain gentlemen carnivores and sundry god-eaters of Olympian appetites, girths and wealth.  These reprobates pose as saints and knights of immaculate humanitarian resolve while administering death and damnation to all groups so far considered by conspiracy manics who’ve also pondered the demise of generic common sense.

Gog & Magog, a Synoptic Scope:   

Taken From My Book, Cain’s Creed, The Cult(s) of Rome

by Dr. Omar Zaid


Muslims believe that Daijal or the anti-Christ would control the world prior to Armageddon and will rule most of the world. Many modern Muslim scholars say that Daijal and the Beast that men must obey is the Central banking system with its fractional reserve banking with an interest bearing currencies. Most Westerners have realized that something is terribly wrong. They just did not understand that Satan was in charge of their banks, their governments directing our armies to kill and occupy nations in wars to benefit Israel. Both Muslims and Christians believe Daijal or anti-Christ is Jewish. Unsaid is the war by our Banker Occupied Governments against their loyal citizens by splicing proteins into their food that sterilizes them and gives them high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Satan loves human sacrifice and those who dance to Daijal’s tune want to make hundreds of thousands of dollars before you die of an otherwise preventable or easily curable disease.

Those who are not religious would prefer to say that our government is run by psychopaths and our government is therefore a psychopathocracy.

We know that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar dance to Daijal’s tune because they do not heed the words of the Prophet who said that at the end of these current period in history that Damascus would conquer Constantinople which is modern Istanbul. Nor do they pay any attention laws against killing fellow Muslims. I have heard repeatedly from certain Muslim scholars that the Saudi royal family was originally Jewish followers of Sabbatai Zevi, the Jewish Satanist who converted to Islam and founded his own Islamic sect, the Donmeh. The Donmeh to this day have a strong influence inside Turkey. Most modern Israeli Zionists are followers of Sabbatai Zevi which explains in part the relation of Israel to Turkey.

Muslims believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and they also believe in the Virgin Birth. That does not concern us here other than as a basis for an ecumenical understanding. Billions of Christians and Muslims face certain defeat if they do not learn to cooperate politically against their common enemy which is Israel and Daijal’s banking system. Christians need to learn from their Muslim brother and sisters that their banking system is satanic,

Currently, the European Union is systematically reducing its 27 member nations to slavery. The United Kingdom used to have the Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta to protect its citizens against tyranny, But empires do not have citizens with rights. They have subjects who can be imprisoned without trial and whose sole function is to pay taxes and to obey all orders. The American President now has the right to arrest, torture and detain without trial any European or American.  The Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta testified before the US Senate that wars are now declared by the UN Security Council and NATO which is a euphemism for killing innocent people 8,000 miles away as soon as the Rothschilds or Israel tell them to attack. The Banker Occupied media tells obvious lies. The Department of Homeland Security says we must believe what the TV says or we will be classified as terrorists. The US Army went into court and told a federal judge to detain protesters because protests were low level terrorism. In case you wondered where these judges came from Sibel Edmonds told us that FBI agents doing background checks on judicial nominees discovered that men and women who had committed felonies were appointed to the bench with honest men and women of integrity being sent home.

The banks run the European Union and the United States. The  politicians of Europe who will not allow a vote to withdraw from the EU are servants of those they obey,=. Neither the politicians of Europe nor America will allow a debate on money, debts and Global Depressions. It can all be said in less than 90 seconds but is forbidden to be said on TV in either America or Europe.

Depression are caused by an accumulation of debts that are Unpayable. One source of debt is government bonds. But they ought not to exist. A government could as easily create its own debt free money as issue a bond and exchange it for checking account money the Banker Occupied Government allows a bank to create out of nothing. Why should the bank be allowed to collect interest? They ran no risk. The banks can always create more money out of interest and exchange it for more bonds. And the banks can only loan us money by creating more which inflates our currency so we are the ones suffering a loss but we receive no compensation.

The solution is quite simple and has been mentioned by me before. Issue a non-interest bearing currency as Lincoln did. Ban fractional reserve banking. Do not allow banks to create money at all. The US Money Supply is approximately 10 trillion dollars . If the economy grows 5% a year, then the Money Supply ought to grow at the same rate which would be also 5% so the ratio of money to things to buy is constant and prices are stable. We ought to cancel all 20 trillion dollars of US federal, state and local debt. We can do that by seizing all the money in  Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports at tens of thousands of state, local and federal agencies. We should then make all government debt illegal. To seize the assets of the criminals on Wall Street who stole tens of thousands of dollars from us, we will need to send the US military into Lichtenstein, the British Channel Islands, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, the Cayman Islands and other banks in the Caribbean and even Panama. The final step would be to use the seized money to fund pensions and to cancel $20,000 in debts of adult citizens. If they do not have that ,any debts, then their balance can be credited to their retirement account at cooperative trust associations. I would make pensions or the promise to pay a retiree X amount of dollars in 30 years illegal. Take all that money and deposit it today into an account in your name  in your retirement account at your cooperative trust association. Let that trust association issue small loans, credit cards and sell insurance. Take all the profits and fund your pensions.

I can say this because I do not dance to Daijal’s tune. I cannot say this on TV because the networks do dance to anti-Christ’s tune.