IPL and KP

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Cricket

RCB benefited a lot from Kevin Pieterson. That takes a lot out because, on the face of it, KP’s been breathtaking. He’s enjoying his batting, toying with the likeImages of Steyn, Malinga and numerous Indian spinners. It’s not surprising Morne’s at the top of the bowling – he’s not bowling to KP. KP’s too good. It shows as a simple fact.

That’s not to say the IPL is bad cricket. The T20 World Cup might shade it, but it’s the next best thing. Forget internationals, the IPL is harder fought, better supported, and we get to see Bollywood girls (not dancing girls) … Priety Zinta, etc.

Out goes KP, in comes Warner, so ends my interest in DD, and I find myself looking to CSK. If I can hold down my lunch at the viewpoint of supporting Dhoni, I’ll like the return of A Morkel, who cracked 28 off 7 to beat RCB on the line.

RCB aren’t easy to beat. Gayle’s five 6’s in a row showed that. If you need compelling evidence, there’s AB, which shows that he can bat. Some might call him ‘mecurial.’ Me, I save that for KP who, yesterday, continued being mecurial against Mumbai, setting up Pietersen vs Peterson.

Robin Peterson’s been excellent for Mumbai, in batting and bowling. KP brought the game home, because, let’s not forget, he is KP. Peterson, though, was the only bowler who came close to getting him out. The single frame TMO line decision was kind to KP, denying Peterson a stumping and 4 wickets.

Mumbai are held back by a sluggish Tendulkar, a prick of a captain, and the surprising decision not to play Richard Levi.

And enough from FIB in general. Anything more would be unjustified. Test cricket hardliners might criticize IPL cricket, but it shows the talent, hey … and I’m not talking about Bollywood girls.

Asim Gul Bhootani


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