Cricket is my First Love – Tendulkar

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Cricket

Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar said that he was “honoured” to be designated to India’s parliament but cleared that cricket would remain his main concern as long as he keeps playing.

Last week, Tendulkar was offered one of the 12 seats in the upper house of parliament that are kept for those who have proved  themselves eminent in various fields such as the arts, sciences or social services.

“When you get chosen because of your services in your field, it’s an honour. I was excited to be nominated,” Tendulkar, 39, told a televised press function in Pune, India.

“I don’t think I will stop (playing) cricket and go straight into politics. I will keep playing cricket. Cricket is my life and will always be,” he added.

Tendulkar has not officially accepted his nomination, but such honours are seldomly handed out without the prior conformity of the nominee.

It is uncertain exactly when Tendulkar might take up his seat.

The “Little Master’s” nomination had raised many eyebrows across India, with some questioning how the publicly apolitical cricketer could balance his sporting commitments with his duties as an MP.

Tendulkar has played more Tests (188) and one-day internationals (463) than any other player since his debut in 1989.

He is the highest run-getter in both forms of the game and last month became the first batsman to achieved the feat of 100 international centuries – 51 in Tests and 49 in one-dayers.

Asim Gul Bhootani


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